Try preparing for a match with the help of smart match insights from DEEPLOL pro’s AI and big data.

Key Features of DEEPLOL pro

AI Advisor

Advanced analysis based on AI

DEEPLOL pro can interpret stats using AI-based analytical technology to find the information that matters for predicting win rates and planning strategies.

  • Player management
  • Simulated matches
  • Track solo rankings
AI Advisor
Big Data Analysis

Pro match analysis based on big data

Get a range of insights into pro teams through a variety of comparisons and analyses of worldwide match data.

  • Ban/Pick order analysis
  • First/last Pick match analysis comparison
AI Advisor
Team Management

An optimized management system for pro LOL game teams

Quickly look over the comparison and analysis reports you need to prepare for matches with opponents and manage team schedules and scrimmage information. Save time with more efficient team management.

  • Match schedules
  • Scrim
  • Match preparation
AI Advisor

Advantages of DEEPLOL pro

  • Data-based LOL analysis

    Prepare for matches based on data with big data from global matches and AI insights.

  • Feedback from pro teams worldwide

    The features pro teams actually need, tested with interviews with pro managers, coaches, and gamers from around the world.

  • Better analysis and efficiency

    Prevents pro coaches and analysts from wasting time on collecting and processing data and maximizes efficiency so you can focus on areas that need more human review.

  • Development team structure

    Designed by a group of LOL experts with an in-depth understanding of the game, including current pro team coaches and players as well as AI researchers and big data analysts.


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