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Our Story

Popular pro sports involve mass collection and analysis of data just to win a single game. The ability to use data to create a winning strategy by starting from a more advantageous position is a crucial skill to lead a team to victory.

Unfortunately, high-quality data has so far been in short supply in the League of Legends pro leagues, despite the game’s hundreds of millions of users worldwide, lagging behind data in other sports and still dependent on primary stats.

Our CEO Deok-jin Yun has a wealth of experience running the LCK team, commentating during events, and working in other esports. This close involvement with pro LOL teams led him to realize the need for innovative data technology in esports.

The GameEye team comprises current pro team coaches and data analysts with master’s and doctorate degrees in AI whose goal is to advance match data management automation and analytical technology among pro LOL teams using big data and AI. Together with those highly competitive pro teams, we’ll further the rapid development of esports worldwide.

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Our Business

  • deeplol pro

    A total management system to power up pro LOL teams

  • deeplol

    A complete LOL search service based on AI game data analysis